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We depend upon community support in many ways – and our amazing volunteers contribute daily. From leading tours to feeding sharks, from teaching third graders to assisting with donor events, volunteers are the heart of the Seymour Marine Discovery Center.

Volunteers help adults and school children learn about the types of questions marine scientists ask and how they study the ocean and coastal environment. Volunteers also help visitors to understand the impacts of their own actions and to learn about the many ways they can become involved in ocean study and conservation – from long-term career opportunities to daily lifestyle choices. Volunteers work hard to instill a lasting appreciation of the role we all play in understanding and protecting the world’s oceans.

Our Volunteer Council represents the volunteers and provides input, information, advice, and recommendations on education programs and the interface with Long Marine Lab research programs. The council serves as a channel of mutual communication between volunteers, staff members and board members.
Council members serve as ambassadors and are invested in making the Center a success.

2015-16 Volunteer Council

Dale Bieser
Dale Bieser, Chair
Diane Backman
Diane Backman
Alyssa Castillou
Alyssa Castillou
Don Edison
Don Edison

Konnie_Warburton_web small2
Konnie Warburton

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Tuesday - Sunday, 10 AM to 5 PM


May 4-19, 2016

Our annual online auction is coming soon. Register now to be entered to win a $100 Whole Foods gift card!

California Burrowing Owls
Sunday, May 15

Join Professor Lynne Trulio as she discusses the wintering habitats of the burrowing owl.

You'll see a lot of construction taking place here at the Coastal Science Campus but know, the Seymour Center is open for business as usual. Come visit!


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