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Unlike a traditional aquarium, the Seymour Marine Discovery Center takes you behind the scenes to learn more about scientific research in our oceans. Learn more about elephant seal behavior, understand the role of sea otters in their ecosystem, observe the differences in plant and animal life in different tidepools, or learn more about the hearing of sea lions and harbor seals.

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Current Exhibits:

The Giant Ocean Coloring BookNow through February 2017: This exhibit will display large black and white framed marine art from Peter Winch’s upcoming illustrated coloring book for adults, The Giant Ocean Coloring Book. Peter Winch has worked as an education specialist at the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary since 2006. Come see his unique marine art this fall!

Ocean Life - by Erin Choi

Coastal Art & Poetry Contest winning entries
Now through January 2017:
The Seymour Center is happy to display winning entries from the 2016 Coastal Commission’s Coastal Art & Poetry Contest. All art and poetry submitted features a California coastal or California marine theme. Show these students your support for their creations!

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Tuesday - Sunday, 10 AM to 5 PM

Exhibit Hall

Featured Exhibit

The Giant Ocean Coloring Book
Featured Exhibit: The Giant Ocean Coloring Book is a new coloring book for adults featuring Peter Winch's large and detailed black and white marine artwork. Peter's art is on display at the Seymour Center through February 2017.



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