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Student Research and Education Awards

Each fall we hold an open competition for UCSC students to encourage research and education projects in the marine sciences. For student research, all geographic areas of study will be considered. For marine science education, the projects must be affiliated with the public education program at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center. Awards will be made to both undergraduate students and graduate students (both masters and doctoral). The average award is typically $500 to $700. No awards will be greater than $1,000.

The 2015-16 Student Research and Education Awards program and celebration generously sponsored by Bob and Carol Simpkins.

SREA Winners

2015-16 Student Research and Education Award Winners and Faculty Advisors

2015-16 Student Research Education Awards Recipients:

  1. Amy Bour, “Amino Acid Enantiomeric Ratios: a New Tool to Investigate the Ocean’s ‘Microbial Carbon Pump’” (Matthew D. McCarthy, adviser)
  2. Amanda Cameron, “Crab Molt Education Kit: Piloting a marine science classroom curriculum for teachers incorporating the Next Generation Science Standards” (Gary Griggs and Suzanne Hebert, advisers)
  3. Xochitl Clare, “Elephant Seal Prey-Energy Library” (Daniel P. Costa, adviser)
  4. Ana Martínez Fernández, “Impacts of ocean acidification on benthic foraminifera and corals” (Adina Paytan, adviser)
  5. Danielle Glynn, “Using deep sea corals to understand the effects of accelerating climate change on nutrient sources and planktonic ecosystems in the Central California Current” (Matthew D. McCarthy, adviser)
  6. Henry Housekeeper, “Satellite remote sensing of dinoflagellate blooms using an empirically derived relationship of ocean color in dinoflagellate-dominated waters” (Raphael Kudela, adviser)
  7. Anna Lowe, “A numerical study of Sebastes atrovirens recruitment within southern Monterey Bay and Carmel Bay” (Christopher A. Edwards, adviser)
  8. Michele Markowitz, “Particle impact on Ocean Omnivory and Processing (POOP)” (Adina Paytan, adviser)
  9. Esra Mescioglu, “Impacts of anaerobic arsenite-oxidizers on arsenic immobilization in marine sediment” (Chad Saltikov, adviser)
  10. Hayley Nuetzel, “Citizen Science in our Backyard: Using an inquiry based tour to increase community awareness and investment in the Younger Lagoon Natural Reserve” (Elizabeth Howard, adviser)
  11. Karen Lykkebo Petersen, “Impacts of effluent from Carlsbad Desalination plant on coastal biology and chemistry – a case study of pre- and post discharge” (Adina Paytan, adviser)
  12. Joshua Smith, “Quantifying species interaction strengths in a kelp forest community: from field experiments to dynamic network models” (Mark Carr, adviser)
  13. Adam Taylor, “Tracking changes in microbiome composition of a mesoelagic predator, the Northern Elephant Seal” (Marilou Sison-Mangus, adviser)
  14. Ben Wasserman, “Santa Cruz Estuary Monitoring Program” (Eric Palkovacs, adviser)

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If you are a college student interested in marine science, science education, or museum-related careers, there’s an opportunity for you at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center. Hands-on experience comes in many different areas––K-12 teaching, informal science education, animal husbandry, museum administration, or visitor services. Consider becoming an ongoing volunteer or learn about specific intern opportunities. It’s the best way to learn about a career path you’re considering or discover the job you will love for a lifetime.

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Thursday, October 20
7-8:30 PM
Understanding Coral Reefs through Marine Science and Woolly Sculptures—A unique perspective on corals, conservation, and crochet craftwork.

Art by Peter Winch
Sept. 20 - Nov. 27

This exhibit will feature large black and white marine artwork from Peter Winch's upcoming illustrated coloring book for adults, The Giant Ocean Coloring Book.

You'll see a lot of construction taking place here at the Coastal Science Campus but know, the Seymour Center is open for business as usual. Come visit!


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