Session Descriptions for Summer 2016

Something’s Fishy (ages 7-8)

OE Shark Girls

Explore the wonderful world of fish, from sharks to surf perch, during this fun-filled week of Ocean Explorers. Investigate the habitats and adaptations of fish from the streams to the sea as we muck around the creek at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, and enjoy fishy fun and games at Natural Bridges State Beach. At the lab, work alongside our Aquarium Curator to learn how we take care of our fishy friends here at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center. Then assume the role of a scientist when you select your favorite fish in our aquarium to study all week long. We’ll also explore the amazing diversity of fish with fish printing, a tidepooling adventure, and a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Marine Science for Girls

(ages 9-11)

Explorers spend an exciting week at the lab and in the field. Discover how using technology can help scientists learn more about elephants seals, the deep sea, and more! During the week, we’ll travel south to experience the beautiful Big Sur coast after a morning of hiking and exploration at Point Lobos State Reserve. Thursday afternoon we’ll arrive in Big Sur where we’ll set-up camp and swim in the river before settling down for a great night of story telling, star gazing, and camping at Riverside Campground. Finally, wrap up a great week of fun with a kayak adventure on the Monterey Bay. Please note: Participants need to supply their own sleeping bags and sleeping pads. Restroom facilities, including showers, are available at Riverside Campground.

Scientific Safari (ages 9-11 and 12-14)

Discover how marine biologists investigate life in the sea and how research at Long Marine Lab is contributing to the conservation of the world’s ocean! Go for a hike at Año Nuevo State Park to view amazing elephant seals and sea lions in the wild. Design, build, and fly remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) as we find out how technology can help scientists discover life in the deep sea. Go tidepooling to investigate how incredible creatures like crabs, sea stars, and sea anemones are adapted to life between the tides. We will visit Moss Landing Marine Labs, where we will work alongside marine mammal trainers and researchers to learn how they are helping to protect seals and sea lions. All participants will set out on the Monterey Bay by kayak to observe behaviors of marine mammals, go in search of kelp forest critters, and experience a fantastic day on the water.

Fees include all transportation and field excursion costs. Children bring their own lunches and snacks.

Days & Hours

Tuesday - Sunday, 10 AM to 5 PM


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Sonic Sea
Sunday, June 19

Come watch Sonic Sea, and join Brandon Southall for a follow-up presentation about the effects of noise pollution on marine mammals.

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