Though the Seymour Marine Discovery Center is part of the University of California, Santa Cruz, funding comes from sources beyond the University. The Friends of Seymour Marine Discovery Center* was established for this primary purpose.

The Friends of Seymour Center are dedicated to supporting and promoting the Seymour Marine Discovery Center at Long Marine Laboratory. Support includes raising funds to run and maintain education programs, exhibits, and facilities, as well as for operating and staffing costs. The Friends also facilitate monetary awards for UC Santa Cruz student research in the marine sciences.

Promotion includes working broadly in the community to raise public awareness of the Seymour Center and its varied education programs.

*Originally known as the Friends of Long Marine Lab, this support group was founded in 1979 to support the public education programs occurring at the Long Marine Lab. In 2000, the public education program moved into a new building and got a new name––Seymour Center at Long Marine Lab. Although their work has not changed, the board voted to update its name in 2016. The Friends group celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2019.


2019-20 Board of Directors

Board Members

  • Robert Allen
  • Dale Bieser
  • Dan Blunk
  • Barbara Canfield
  • Diana Conner
  • Laurie Davis
  • Charles Eadie
  • Shirley Ginzburg
  • Jackie Heald
  • Joni Janecki
  • Jo Lynne Jones
  • David Morrell
  • Lisa Schallop
  • Martha Seaver
  • Kim Steinhardt

Executive Committee

  • Kim Steinhardt, President
  • Dale Bieser, Vice-President
  • Jo Lynne Jones, Past President, Nominating Chair
  • Martha Seaver, At-Large
  • Laurie Davis, At-Large
  • Julie Barrett Heffington, Director, Seymour Center, Ex-Officio
  • Lauren Donnelly-Crocker, Development Director, Seymour Center
  • Catherine Hsu, Development Liaison

Honorary Members of Board of Directors

  • Brent Constantz
  • Sam Farr
  • Fred Keeley
  • John Laird
  • Frans Lanting
  • Bruce McPherson
  • Richard Murphy
  • Leon Panetta
  • Kathy Sullivan

Emeritus Members of Board of Directors

  • Ted Burke
  • Karen Cogswell
  • William Doyle
  • Gary Griggs
  • Jack Harkness
  • David Morrell
  • Edie Rittenhouse
  • Bob Simpkins
  • Robert Stephens

Ex-Officio Members of Board of Directors

  • Cynthia Larive, Chancellor, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Dan Costa, Director, Institute of Marine Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Julie Barrett Heffington, Director, Seymour Marine Discovery Center


August 9–15, 2020
For a full week, the Seymour Center will virtually celebrate sharks by revealing fascinating facts about these cartilaginous fishes.

Virtually explore this digital mixed media project featuring curated archives from nearly 20 years of deep-sea exploration of ancient denizens of the deep.

August 16, 2020
1:30–2:30 PM
“Field Immersion: How Curiosity, Natural History, and Collaboration Have Led to Ecological Discoveries along the Californias.”

Enjoy outdoor highlights of the spectacular Coastal Science Campus as you explore the network of trails with this guide to interpretive signs.


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