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Seawater System

Seawater SystemOur seawater system is the “lifeblood” of this marine science campus. It supplies natural, high-quality seawater that supports living marine plants and animals ranging from tiny phytoplankton to large seals and dolphins. Our ability to pump fresh, cold, oxygenated seawater 24 hours a day, every day of the year, is critical to the operation of the marine lab and its living creatures.

The system produces about 1 million gallons per day of seawater. When the pumps are running, we can pump 700-1,000 gallons per minute out of the ocean.

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Behind the Scenes

Featured Exhibit

Coastal Art & Poetry Contest winning entries

Open through February 11!

Featured Exhibit: Firecracker by Lauren Lee
The Seymour Center is happy to display
winning entries from the 2017 Coastal Commission’s Coastal Art & Poetry Contest. All art and poetry submitted features a California coastal or California marine theme. Show these students your support for their creations!



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