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Seawater System

Seawater SystemOur seawater system is the “lifeblood” of this marine science campus. It supplies natural, high-quality seawater that supports living marine plants and animals ranging from tiny phytoplankton to large seals and dolphins. Our ability to pump fresh, cold, oxygenated seawater 24 hours a day, every day of the year, is critical to the operation of the marine lab and its living creatures.

The system produces about 1 million gallons per day of seawater. When the pumps are running, we can pump 700-1,000 gallons per minute out of the ocean.

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Behind the Scenes

Featured Exhibit

UC Santa Cruz Satellite Reef

Now extended through Thanksgiving weekend, 2017!

Featured Exhibit: UC Santa Cruz Crochet Satellite ReefThe UC Santa Cruz Satellite Reef is the latest whimsical and fantastical result of hundreds of people crocheting for months with huge quantities of colorful yarn and unfettered imaginations. Come see this exhibit through Fall 2017.



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