Directors’ Circle

The Friends of Seymour Marine Discovery Center, the support group that helps fund the Seymour Marine Discovery Center, invites you to join the Directors Circle.

The Directors’ Circle is the most active, engaged, and important group of supporters for the Seymour Center, and includes individuals with similar ocean science and conservation interests. It also provides unique opportunities to discover, serve, and financially support the Center in ways that are personally meaningful and tangible.

Directors’ Circle patrons enjoy a special association with the directors of the major institutions located on and near the UC Santa Cruz Coastal Science Campus. Through an annual event, patrons enjoy an opportunity to share their passion for ocean science one-on-one with the leadership of the Coastal Science Campus. Events range from remarkable coastal outings to unique, exquisite dinners, all with an exclusive opportunity for learning directly from the experts. The Directors’ Circle generates crucial funding for the Seymour Marine Discovery Center, the public portal to these ocean science institutions.

The Directors

Dan Costa
Institute of Marine Sciences
University of California, Santa Cruz

Julie Barrett Heffington
Seymour Marine Discovery Center
University of California, Santa Cruz

Gage Dayton
Natural Reserves
University of California, Santa Cruz

Guy Gelfenbaum
Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center
United States Geological Survey

Steve Lindley
Southwest Fisheries Science Center, Santa Cruz
National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA

Laird Henkel
Marine Wildlife Veterinary Care and Research Center
California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Directors’ Circle funds keep exhibits and daily programs fresh and changing, provide students with interactive science instruction, feed and care for marine animals at the Center, and support and enrich the volunteer program.

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Join the Directors’ Circle.

Directors’ Circle

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