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Student Research and Education Awards

Each fall, the Seymour Marine Discovery Center and the Institute of Marine Sciences hold an open competition for UC Santa Cruz students to encourage research and education projects in the marine sciences.

For student research in marine sciences, all geographic areas of study are considered. For marine science education, projects must be affiliated with the public education program at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center.

Awards are made to both undergraduate students and graduate students (both masters and doctoral). No awards are greater than $1,000 for undergraduate students and $2,000 for graduate students.

Awards are provided from the following funds:

  • Friends of Long Marine Lab Student Support
  • Jane McHenry Student Award
  • Ken Norris Marine Mammal Research Award
  • Lillian McPherson Rouse Award
  • Mark T. MacMillan Memorial Prize
  • William Beye Heald Scholarship Fund



Congratulations 2018-19 Student Research and Education Award Winners!


2018-19 Student Research Education Awards Recipients:


Diana Alvarado: Aerial photogrammetry to assess foraging success in a marine mammal

Melissa Cronin: Protecting an Enigmatic Giant: Disentangling Manta Ray Bycatch Patterns Using Genetic Tools

Elizabeth Howard: Evaluating Native Habitat Restoration Success in California’s Coastal Zone: A Report Card on California Coastal Commission Mandated Projects

Ilysa Iglesias: Linking the distribution, abundance and trophic ecology of mesopelagic fishes to dynamical oceanographic processes within the California Current Ecosystem

Cheyenne Jarman: Mechanisms for resiliency: how prey quality influences meso-predator preference in a kelp forest ecosystem

Sarah Lummis: Impacts of oyster aquaculture on eelgrass ecosystems in Tomales Bay

Brandi Ruscher-Hill: In-air hearing sensitivity of the Hawaiian monk seal (Neomonachus schauinslandi)

Edris Sherdil: Mechanistic Drivers of Purple Urchin Disease Outbreak

Laurel Teague: Calibrating seasonal cycles of marine primary production in California coastal ecosystems as a tool for paleo-reconstructions of food web dynamics

Volunteer and Intern Opportunities

If you are a college student interested in marine science, science education, or museum-related careers, there’s an opportunity for you at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center. Hands-on experience comes in many different areas––K-12 teaching, informal science education, animal husbandry, museum administration, or visitor services. Consider becoming an ongoing volunteer or learn about specific intern opportunities. It’s the best way to learn about a career path you’re considering or discover the job you will love for a lifetime.

Check out available internships and volunteer opportunities.

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Tuesday to Sunday, 10 AM to 5 PM


Apply to be the Volunteer Coordinator / Education Associate. Initial review date for this carreer staff position is July 4.

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