Sunday Seaside Crafts


Seaside Crafts—from the comfort of your own home! Create ocean-inspired crafts and activities using materials found around the house.

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Purple Sea Urchin’s Aristotle’s Lantern

Learn about and create a purple sea urchin with an Aristotle’s lantern!


Ocean Acidification Experiment

Follow along with this DIY at-home experiment to explore the effects of ocean acidification on shelled sea creatures. Watch to learn about the research at UC Santa Cruz that investigates this problem and the things we can change in our daily lives to minimize our carbon footprints—then try the experiment out for yourself!


Camouflage Challenge

Discover the many ways an animal can blend into its habitat, and then create your own camouflage strategy!


Bat Star

Create your own realistic bat star, and learn about the features that help these animals see, eat, and move around!

Curious to see what a REAL bat star looks like? Watch this Creature Feature to find out!


Octopus Garland

Learn more about these color-changing cephalopods and craft a festive octopus garland. Display the garland proudly and fully immerse yourself into the sea!


October 31, 2020
Prepare for a spook-tacular virtual event! Learn how UC Santa Cruz researchers are uncovering the chilling mysteries of the deep sea.

Go batty for these time-lapse videos and animations of sea stars in action. Check out these new distance learning resources.

November 12, 2020, 11 AM
Tune in to learn how mercury plays a role in the ocean, in the air, and within all living things with Carl Lamborg, Ph.D.

Meditate on a purple sea urchin’s mesmerizing movements and microscopic features in this peaceful one-minute video. Watch it here.


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