Discovery Labs Scheduling

Discovery Lab & ToursDiscovery Lab & Tours are available from mid-October through May each year.

Due to the popularity of these programs, a lottery is held each fall in an effort to schedule Discovery Labs in the fairest and most efficient way.

This year’s lottery deadline was September 5, 2019.

After the lottery, program openings are filled first-come, first-served. See the list of available dates and times remaining.

Once you choose a date, call (831) 459-3800 to confirm availability. If the date is still available, we will hold it for one week to allow you time to send in the completed application with payment. Please follow the instructions below.

Submit a Discovery Lab & Tour Application

  1. Download and fill out a Discovery Lab Application.
  2. With each application, enclose payment information, in the form of a check, purchase order (PO), or credit card. Your payment will be processed once your program has been scheduled and confirmed. Make checks and POs payable to “Seymour Center/UC Regents.”
  3. Mail completed applications ASAP.
  4. Applications for Discovery Lab & Tours are taken by mail or in-person only. We do NOT accept applications by fax, phone, or e-mail.


Confirmation packets and receipts for applications received by the lottery deadline will be received by late September. Teachers scheduled for October Discovery Labs will be notified by phone or email in mid-September to allow adequate planning time. If you have not received a confirmation letter by the first week of October, please call (831) 459-3800.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

If we are unable to schedule a Discovery Lab & Tour on any of the dates you submitted for your class, you will not be charged/invoiced. However, any cancellation made by a group leader after the Discovery Lab has been scheduled and confirmed is non-refundable, unless another group fills the space.

Group Size

32 students maximum per Discovery Lab & Tour—no exceptions. Please do not bring any additional students or unscheduled groups. Siblings are not permitted in the classroom during the Discovery Lab but are welcome on the guided tour.


Please bring only the number of adult chaperones necessary to transport your students. Only five adults total—the teacher and four chaperones—are permitted inside the classroom during the Discovery Lab. Remaining drivers, chaperones, and siblings may explore the exhibit hall on their own during that time. They are welcome to rejoin students for the guided tour. All adults are expected to assist with supervision and appropriate student behavior.


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