Ocean Explorers Summer Camp

Marine science programs

for youth ages 7-14

Weekly sessions:

June 7 to August 6, 2021

— Enjoy a week of fun this summer exploring ocean science

— Investigate the incredible creatures that inhabit Monterey Bay

— Discover how marine scientists work in the great outdoors

Ocean Explorers experience the thrill of scientific discovery at a working marine lab. Campers actively learn from field explorations, hands-on activities, games, and crafts.

Curious about the Ocean Explorers experience?

Here are some comments shared with us from our in-person camps in 2019:

“I expected my daughter to learn something different with this program, but you exceeded our expectations!”

“He enjoyed everything–– especially working with the seals and dolphins. He loved every day of camp and wished it could be longer.”

“The program definitely fostered Libby’s love for science and learning.”

“It is our daughter’s absolute favorite camp ever!”

“Andrew wants to return to the camp again next year. He has definitely cut back on his plastic usage. He wants to work at Long Marine Lab in the future.”

“This is an incredible program and I truly appreciate the scholarship that made it possible for my children to attend. Thank you!”

“Olivia declares she wants to be a marine biologist. She is very excited about what she learned AND she recognized the opportunities that your camp provided that most kids don’t get to experience.”

“It was her first experience in marine science. And what a great way to get kids to learn to love science. School science isn’t always delivered in a way that really engages kids. I was so happy that she had an opportunity to learn science in a fun and engaging way.”

“He came home teaching us in great detail all that he learned about the health and well-being of animals, how to care for them, what to monitor, etc. We were amazed.”

“My daughter came home every day from camp excited and told me about what she learned about each marine mammal, how to check them, and have fun experiences with them. My daughter is even more excited about her interest to study marine biology later in college.”

“Joel was learning and absorbing like a sponge—he was absolutely engaged for the entire program.”

“Lucas wasn’t overwhelmed or underwhelmed. This program is amazing.”

“The hands-on environment with classroom exposure plus variety of different learning applications made the camp stimulating.”

“It provided him with the independence and support to help his confidence.”

“Fabulous, well-trained, enthusiastic, and PATIENT instructors.”

“The [instructors] were absolutely amazing in all areas of leadership. Thank you!”

“It is her ‘happy place.'”

“This program is the highlight of our daughter’s summer. She absolutely loves it. She wants to volunteer for the Seymour Center as soon as she is old enough.”

“We cannot wait for next year. Thank you very much for offering this amazing program and running such a wonderful and critical facility. We moved to Atlanta, but still come back for this.”

Interested in supporting Ocean Explorers? You can become a program sponsor and bring marine science to more kids next year. Learn more!


April 18–24, 2021
Learn more about our blue planet. Special at-home activities and arts and crafts are available for download.

April 18, 2021, 1:30 PM
Join us for a special Earth Week Science Sunday–online! “Conservation Physiology in Marine Mammals.” Preregister.

April 22, 2021, 11 AM
Learn why the peregrine falcon’s recovery can help solve today’s environmental issues with Zeka Glucs, Ph.D. Submit your questions, then watch the live chat, here.

Explore the diversity of mollusks found around the world in a new coloring page series, Mollusk Mates.

The Seymour Center is seeking a new Director. Learn about this opportunity, here.

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