Session Descriptions – Ocean Explorers Virtual Camp

Something’s Fishy (Ages 7-9)

Dive into the wonderful world of fish, from sharks to sculpins, during this fun-filled week of Ocean Explorers. Transform into an ichthyologist (fish scientist) and investigate the amazing adaptations of fish and their habitats from the streams to the sea.

  • Join behind-the-scenes fishy feedings live-streamed from the Seymour Center every day.
  • Meet and talk to our team of aquarists to learn about how they care for all kinds of fish and more.
  • Make new friends online and have a great time learning about marine life.
  • Have FUN with creative crafts and interactive games!

Marine Science for Girls

(Ages 9-11)

Discover how marine mammals are adapted for life in the ocean and how research at Long Marine Lab contributes to the conservation of dolphins, seals, and sea lions. Gain experience in marine mammal training and animal care techniques. Learn how researchers and trainers work with Long Marine Lab’s amazing marine mammals.

  • Interact with Long Marine Lab’s resident marine mammals through live streaming.
  • Join virtual field trips to scientists’ study sites like Año Nuevo Island, Alaska, and Antarctica.
  • Investigate incredible marine mammal adaptations for surviving at sea.
  • Meet new friends and have a great time learning about marine life!

Thank you, program sponsors: Rachel & David Kliger

Masterful Marine Mammals (Ages 9-11 and 12-14)

Do you want to be a marine biologist? This program is for you! Delve into an exciting world of marine mammal science alongside Long Marine Lab’s animal trainers, researchers, and educators from the Seymour Marine Discovery Center. Interact in real time with some incredible animals that teach UC Santa Cruz scientists how to protect wild marine mammals around the globe.

  • Learn about marine mammals, animal training techniques, and what it takes to be a researcher.
  • Enjoy live-streaming interactions with the marine lab’s resident marine mammals and trainers.
  • Become a citizen scientist with the Año Nuevo Island Animal Count Project.
  • Make new friends and have a great time learning about marine life.

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October 31, 2020
Prepare for a spook-tacular virtual event! Learn how UC Santa Cruz researchers are uncovering the chilling mysteries of the deep sea.

Go batty for these time-lapse videos and animations of sea stars in action. Check out these new distance learning resources.

November 12, 2020, 11 AM
Tune in to learn how mercury plays a role in the ocean, in the air, and within all living things with Carl Lamborg, Ph.D.

Meditate on a purple sea urchin’s mesmerizing movements and microscopic features in this peaceful one-minute video. Watch it here.


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