Affiliated Research Groups

Our oceans are in danger, and nowhere are the problems more apparent than in the earth’s fragile coastal zones. Due to the global scale and the interdisciplinary nature of the challenges facing the oceans, it is clear that individual scientists working alone cannot by themselves answer questions or resolve issues. Consortiums of scientists, and the integration of scientific work with both policy and public education, are the way of the future.

In addition to our close affiliation with UCSC’s Institute of Marine Sciences, we also partner with a unique group of researchers that provide a broad array of expertise. All of these partnerships power the work we do.

Affiliated Research Groups

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For a glimpse of current topics of interest in marine science, browse "Our Ocean Backyard". Every other week, Gary Griggs, Director of the Institute of Marine Sciences at UCSC, publishes fascinating and topical articles in the Santa Cruz Sentinel.


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