Facility Use Guidelines

These guidelines apply to all events at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center. Please familiarize yourself with all expectations and share with individuals assisting you with your event, including, but not limited to: day-of coordinator, event contact, event set-up and/or clean-up team, vendors not included on the Seymour Center’s listed, etc. The client is ultimately responsible for ensuring their event adheres to all guidelines and restrictions.

Use Guidelines

Scheduled use of rooms must include set-up, breakdown, and clean-up time. In consideration of the Seymour Center’s obligation to all of our visitors, all arrangements for the event, including set-up of equipment, deliveries, pick-ups, etc., must be cleared in advance of the event with the Facility Rental Office, to ensure it does not interfere with regular Seymour Center activities. Event must be finished and rental spaces returned to order within the time established on the client’s contract. An exit survey and checklist must be completed and signed by the Manager on Duty and client​. If the Seymour Center judges routine cleaning and maintenance inadequate to return the facility to its prior condition, the cost of special maintenance services or repairs will be charged to the client. The client assumes all responsibility for set-up, catering coordination, and final clean-up.

Clean-up Requirements

The client is ultimately responsible for all clean-up of event and for all catering actions, including, but not limited to: clean-up of kitchen and rental spaces, stain removal, trash and recycling removal, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping if necessary, and catering equipment and supply removal. Be cautious with red wine, berries, etc. that can stain carpet or exhibit flooring; if stains do not come out, the client will be charged to have them professionally cleaned. If hiring a professional or delegating someone for clean-up responsibilities, please provide the Facility Rental Office with their name and contact information. You will be provided a Cleanup Checklist which must be completed prior to your departure after your event.

Rental Times

Upon arrival and departure, please check-in with the Manager on Duty/Facility Rental Office. For Exhibit Hall or Shipwreck Deck use, event set-up cannot start earlier than 5 PM​, as we are open to the public until 5 PM. Events must be scheduled to include adequate time for ​set-up, event time, and clean-up​. All weekend (Friday–Sunday) events must end by 10 PM, with all persons off the premises by 11 PM​ ​. All weekday (Monday–Thursday) events must end by 9 PM, with all persons off the premises by 10 PM. You must stay within the pre-arranged rental times. If you arrive early or stay late, you will be charged at the hourly rate. Please allow your caterer and/or set-up/clean-up crew adequate set-up and/or clean-up time. The client is ultimately responsible for all clean up.

Music/Amplified Sound and Dancing

All music and amplified sou​nd must be turned off by 10 PM—no exceptions​—in consideration of the City of Santa Cruz noise ordinance. No amplified sound is allowed outside, except during wedding ceremony and processional, before sunset. Please be sure that your DJ and/or band is aware of these time constraints. ​Please keep all music at a reasonable decibel level. Any dancing in the La Feliz Room requires the rental of a dance floor (we do not provide). Dancing is allowed in the Exhibit Hall foyer without a dance floor.


Parking is enforced at the UC Santa Cruz Coastal Science Campus Mondays through Fridays, from 8 AM to 5 PM.​ Parking machines are available to purchase permits. Please visit UC Santa Cruz Transportation and Parking Services for more information on parking at the UC Santa Cruz Coastal Science Campus.

You and your guests must park in designated spaces and not on the Granitecrete (brown paved material) near the entrance of the Seymour Center. Parking is first-come, first-served and is limited during public hours.

Since the Seymour Center receives most of its revenue from our outside visitors, and we share our lot with Long Marine Lab, staff, students, and volunteers, we ask that clients please be aware and pro​vide as many open spots for others as possible. Large groups ​must have a concrete plan in place to ensure guests shuttle or carpool in whenever possible—there is parking along Delaware Avenue and Natural Bridges Drive. ​Thank you so much for your understanding!

Lab Entrance

The Coastal Science Campus, on which the Seymour Center is located, has a programmed gate at its entrance, open only during public hours. It is crucial that you notify the Facility Rental Office with the exact times you or anyone else in your party will need to enter the campus outside of our open hours.​ This includes caterers, guests, vendors, rental services, taxis/shuttles, and any other vehicles.


The client is responsible for preparation and removal of all decorations. All decor and signage must be free-standing, or on the bulletin board along the La Feliz Room walls. Nails, staples, tacks, or tape may not be used elsewhere on walls, floors, windows, or ceilings. The user will not post any signs, posters, or banners inside or outside the facility without the prior approval of the Facility Rental Office. No styrofoam (polystyrene) products, balloons, feathers, confetti, loose glitter, birdseed, or other small loose items. Shells, dried sea stars or marine life, and coral are also prohibited—please be environmentally-friendly in your décor.​ Flower petals, real or artificial, are not allowed to be scattered on the floors of the outdoor decks or Exhibit Hall; petals on tables are fine. Tealight candles and votive candles are allowed if held within containers that are at least 1-inch taller than the candle flame. Client is not allowed to hang any decorations on the lights located in the ceiling and on the sides of the room. Other areas are allowed as long as it is not material (nails, etc.) that will cause damage. All decorations need to be 2 ft. away from the projector in each side. Lighting on the outside decks is okay as long as none of our native plants are disturbed. Pop-up tents are not allowed on Seymour Center property.

Rental Restrictions

Due to UC policy, the Seymour Center’s building and grounds are smoke-free​ environments. Absolutely no smoking or smoking paraphernalia are allowed on the Coastal Science Campus—if any clients, guests, or vendors are found smoking within the Coastal Science Campus boundaries, it will result in the loss of your full security deposit. You may smoke outside our property gate on Delaware Avenue and Natural Bridges Drive, as long as you dispose of cigarette butts properly.

Recyclable materials are strongly recommended. Any open flames (aside from tealight candles or votive candles inside containers that are at least 1-inch taller than the candle flame), must be requested and approved in advance. Not all open flame will be approved.

Warning! Food and beverages that stain,​ such as red wine or berry juice may require an additional cleaning fee if spilled anywhere in the facility.

Use the utmost care and caution around the premises. This includes no dumping of food scraps, ice, oil, etc. anywhere except the garbage. Liquids must be put into the garbage or if suitable, poured into the sink; NOT outside on the native plants.

Clients must use their own ladder and materials, i.e. lights, tacks, tape, string, or stool.

Per Fire Code, the load-in area at the curb is to be left clear. DO NOT drive your vehicle past the yellow bump strip beyond the parking lot asphalt and onto the Granitecrete in front of the Seymour Center. Once you have unloaded, please move your vehicle to a parking space.

Caterers and Vendors

No food or beverages (alcohol or otherwise) may be brought on the property without approval from the Facility Rental Office before your event. The Seymour Center must approve all vendors/deliveries in advance (or as soon as you first reserve vendors), including:

  • Caterer (weddings must use a caterer from our list)
  • Coordinator* (large social events and weddings are required to have a
    contact person on-site who is sober, and not the client)
  • DJ and/or Band
  • Bartender
  • Event Rental Service

Weddings: Day-of Coordinator/Sober Event Contact Required

If you are planning a wedding at the Seymour Center, you are required to have an approved caterer who will act as day-of coordinator, approved cay-of coordinator, or a contact person who will be sober and act as our liaison and contact for the duration of your wedding day. This person will act as point-person and main contact during your event and will ensure all communication and the event goes smoothly, and that the event is adhering to Seymour Center rules and cleaned up on time. The day-of coordinator, or person acting in this role, must be approved by the Facility Rental Office at least 60 days prior to your wedding.

Thank you for your compliance with the the Seymour Center’s Use Guidelines! Should you have any questions, please contact the Facility Rental Office at (831) 459-1578 or seymourfacilityrentals@ucsc.edu.

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