Facility Use Guidelines

Seymour Marine Discovery Center Facility Use Guidelines

  1. The client is responsible for all clean up including kitchen area, refrigerator, trash, and recycling removal, wiping tables, and vacuuming. You must delegate a professional and/or party member to lead clean up responsibilities (be it caterer, coordinator, or other approved vendor). All vendors must be approved by the Facility Rental Office prior to you booking them. Provide the Facility Rental Coordinator with this point-person’s contact information, as well as timeline of your event, at least 2 weeks before your event. Cleaning equipment, extra garbage bags, and other supplies are kept in the broom closet behind the kitchen door. Vacuum cleaner is located in the chair and table storage room.
  2. The kitchen and/or food use area(s) must be swept and mopped. Clean the exhibit areas of any left-over food, cups, plates, smudges, etc. Be very cautious with red wine, berries, etc. that can stain carpet or exhibit flooring. If stains do not come out, the client will be charged for professional cleaning.
  3. No Styrofoam (polystyrene) products or balloons. Plastic bottles are strongly discouraged inside.
  4. Beginning September 1, 2017, parking permits will be required in the Seymour Center lot (#201). Facility rental clients are encouraged to call Lindsey Barron at (831) 459-3694 to learn more about their parking options. Please note that all persons and vehicles must be off of the Coastal Science Campus by the end of your event rental.
  5. No smoking anywhere on the property – inside or outside the facility.
  6. Use the utmost care and caution around the premises. This includes no dumping of food scraps, ice, oil, etc. anywhere except the garbage. Liquids must be put into the garbage or if suitable, poured into the sink; NOT outside on the native plants. This includes ice and water. Keep trash, paper products, etc. inside.
  7. The load-in area at the curb is to be left clear. DO NOT drive your vehicle past the curb. Once you have unloaded, please move your vehicle to a parking space. (Fire Code)
  8. You must stay within the pre-arranged set-up and clean-up time.
  9. Upon arrival and departure, please check in with the Manager on Duty.
  10. Tables and chairs need to be returned to an established configuration with extra tables and chairs returned to the storage room in an orderly fashion.
  11. The A/V room needs to be returned to its original state and A/V equipment turned off. Please be sure to check that none of our equipment goes home with you.
  12. There is a phone for use in the kitchen with local call capability. You must use a calling card if making a long distance call. Dial a “6” before entering in the phone number for local calls. For UCSC campus calls, dial “9” before entering in the 4 digit extension number.
  13. If there is dancing in the La Feliz room, you must rent and use a dance floor from a event rental vendor.
  14. All music must be turned off by 10:00 PM in compliance with the City of Santa Cruz noise ordinance. No amplified sound is allowed outside, except during wedding ceremony and processional. Any dancing in the La Feliz Room requires the rental of a dance floor (we do not provide). Dancing is allowed in the Exhibit Hall foyer without a dance floor, but speaker rentals are recommended. Please keep all music at a reasonable decibel level – we want to be respectful of and to not adversely affect our neighbors. Last song plays at 9:45 am; last call for alcohol at 9:30 pm, for an 11pm clean-up/exit time.
  15. Decorations must comply with our mission and protocol. Please contact the Facility Rental Coordinator for approval of décor.

Days & Hours

Tuesday to Sunday, 10 AM to 5 PM

Facility Use Guidelines


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