Check out these fun ideas for Climate-smart Actions. Gather a group of classmates, friends, or family to make a difference together. Climate-smart Actions are activities that help combat the impacts of climate change by educating others, changing daily habits, restoring local ecosystems, and supporting coastal climate science.

Make-a-Pledge Campaign

Climate-smart choices start at home and school. Make some pledges to share with your community and help spread awareness of the simple actions we all can take for our planet. Use this template to create pledge signs to highlight climate-smart actions. Display your pledge signs in a yard, window, or classroom door. Or, stage a Climate-smart Parade at your school. This list of some pledge ideas can help you get started.

Beach/River/Neighborhood Clean-up

Remember that waste reduction starts at home, but it’s always helpful to clean up any debris that has found its way into our environment. Get together with family and friends to join or organize a cleanup! You may need supplies like trash bags, grabbers, and gloves. Be sure to wear sun protection and bring a reusable water bottle full of water. Check out Save Our Shores for planned events that you can join. Watch video here.

Climate Action Art 

Art can be so inspiring! A fun way to help spread awareness is by hosting an art contest/show-and-tell displaying student-made art highlighting information you’ve learned and other climate change concepts. Art can answer questions, spark questions, and inspire support for environmental conservation. Share your students’ art on social media at #ClimateActionArt and tag @seymour_center on Instagram.

Go Native!

California is home to many plant species that are essential for their ecosystems, providing food and shelter for birds, insects, and other wildlife. Check out the Coastal Watershed Council in Santa Cruz County for native plant restoration opportunities near you! Sign up for a River Health Day or plant your own drought-resistant gardens. Watch video here.

Bake a Difference

There are many scientists studying our oceans, animals, and climate change. Organize a bake sale, host a fundraising event, or donate birthday money to help support your favorite cause! Especially enjoyed your time at the Seymour Center? Consider a donation to the Seymour Center, the Marine Mammal Physiology Project, the Pinniped Lab, or other local UCSC research.

What’s Your Idea?

Great creative and design your own climate-smart action projects that help make a difference for our planet.