Science and Conservation of Animals – ON THE MOVE

Discover the world of animal tracking and behavior at our new exhibit ON THE MOVE. Learn how scientists use technology to collect data and see live-tracking data of elephant seals and other animals as they’re migrating.

Find out how tagging and tracking animals can help us understand our environment. Build a tag yourself and join our first action hub campaign and write a letter to companies and encourage them to ship with shipping companies that have already committed to slowing down in whale migration habitats.

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Other Exhibits

The Seymour Center boasts a variety of unique and interactive indoor and outdoor exhibits. Outside, enjoy an easy stroll along the bluffs and through the native landscape, where you’ll discover a gray whale skeleton and life-size elephant seal sculptures. Make sure to circle around and meet Ms. Blue, one of the largest blue whale skeletons on display in the world. Keep your eyes peeled — you may see otters, dolphins, whales, sea lions, seals and birds in the surrounding environment.

Wander inside and experience the thrill of scientific discovery through breathtaking photos captured by UC Santa Cruz researchers and their collaborators in the “Photos from the Field” exhibition. You’ll see octopus, eels, sharks, rockfish, jellies, and all sorts of live creatures who inhabit Monterey Bay. You can even touch a swell shark. Don’t worry, they don’t bite!