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Director’s Update, October 2022

I love this photo.  But… why? What’s so special here? It’s the kind of photo you’ve seen a thousand times. And the colors are all off. In it are the Chairman of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band, a State Assemblyman, a nonprofit executive director, a Santa Cruz mayor, UCSC faculty, fundraisers, grad students, and philanthropists. […]

Director’s Update, June 2022

“Do jellyfish have the answers to immortality?” “Do fish poop?” “What do you need to study to become a marine biologist?” I cherish the questions you pose on our Ask A Scientist board. Thank you for sharing your curiosity, exploring your deepest wonders, and seeking out ways to act for the sake of marine and […]

Exhibit Animals

California Moray Gymnothorax mordax California Morays have a friendly toothy smile and can be found at the Center watching people walk by. California Morays can be seen from Point Conception to Southern Baja California. Morays have a second set of jaws called pharyngeal jaws that can snatch their prey further into their mouths for swallowing. […]

Applications now open for Ocean Explorers Summer Camp

The highlight of your budding marine scientist’s summer is here! Ocean Explorers campers experience the thrill of scientific discovery and tons of fun with new friends. Seymour Center summer camps provide youth, ages 7 to 14, an unforgettable week sure to inspire a lasting passion for ocean conservation. Ocean Explorers actively explore the fascinating world […]

Director’s Update, March 2022

“This is the best day ever!” cheered a student from Bradley Elementary School in Watsonville as the classroom wrapped up its tour of the marine mammal lab last week.  Thanks to the inimitable Kevin Keedy’s herculean effort, for the first time in two years school kids are back in the Seymour Center for our ultra-popular […]