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Jessie Kendall-Bar attended Ocean Explorers summer camp at Seymour Center in 2005. Today, she’s a marine science Ph.D. candidate at UC Santa Cruz. I invite you to read more about Jessie’s journey. Supporters like you made Jessie’s story possible. Your generosity in 2021 will launch new stories like Jessie’s.

Jessie’s name frequently pops up around here because we all want to “be like Jessie when we grow up.” Jokes aside, there are people in Santa Cruz County, including your kids and grandkids, who may yearn to be like Jessie. Their journeys can start here, just like Jessie’s did. With your generosity, we can meet their moment.

I began my tenure as Executive Director this past August. The sheer volume of stories like Jessie’s has me regularly reaching toward the floor to gather up my jaw. Did you know there is a marine science professor at UC Santa Cruz today who volunteered here as a teen? There are also professionals at the Monterey Bay Aquarium who came here on elementary school field trips. The Seymour Center has ignited the passion of people of all ages to pursue education, careers, or activism. Donors like you ensure that it will continue to do so, fanning the flames of science and conservation. Please consider making a gift today.

Your generosity helps develop new exhibits, events, digital content, educational programs, and community partnerships that spark new stories like Jessie’s. 

Buoyed by dedicated volunteers and donors, we reopened in October after 19 long months. As we transition from survival mode to an impact-centered growth mindset, I invite you to contribute more than just your money. I want to hear from you. What local environmental issues matter to you most? What kinds of stories do you want to hear? What do you want to learn about the ocean and the coastal climate? What types of experiences do you want to have here, and who should we partner with to create them? My email address is I hope to hear from you soon.

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Jonathan Hicken
Executive Director

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